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Road Toad Campers
Hop In - Hit the Road
With the Toad!
Teardrop travel trailers, built for light weight, strength and durability.

Several Models and Options to choose from.

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Road Toad Trailers

Engineered Design

Road Toad campers are a new concept in building teardrop travel trailers. High tech composites and a highly engineered design make for maximum durability, lowest weight, and great aerodynamics, while still keeping them affordable.

Road Toad campers are made using a uni-body construction technique in which the body is integrated into a single unit with the frame rather than having a separate body-on-frame. This uni-body design is engineered to provide a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Road Toad Trailers

Lightest Design

At 400-450 lbs. Road Toad camper trailers weigh in as the lightest weight teardrop travel trailers available today.

With up to 600 lbs. of gear and cargo, your Road Toad can still be towed by vehicles with only a 1000 lb. towing rating. (The average camping couple brings about 300 lbs of gear)

Other teardrop camper trailers weigh more empty, than Road Toad campers when they are fully loaded.

Road Toad Trailers

Tested Design

Road Toad design was road tested for over four years. It was towed over 50 miles every day for one full year and several 1000+ mile trips. We towed and tested in temperatures from 104 F to -30 F in sun, wind, rain, and snow.

To determine any weaknesses, we loaded the trailer to over 120% of the trailer's rating, and towed down the roughest roads we could find. During all this testing the only major issue was one axle failed due to overloading. The original axle was rated at 1000 lbs. We now use an axle rated at 2000 lbs.

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