Air conditioner option

Air Conditioner Connections


Outside the trailer are  two waterproof connection points for the air conditioner option. One for cool air supply and one for return air.

Hook Up the Hoses


Remove the caps and connect the air conditioner hoses between the AC unit and the trailer.

Ready to Cool


Plug in the AC unit and you are ready to cool.

Inside Vents


Vents in the cabin area allow cool air in and pull warm return air out, back to the Air Conditioner unit.

Included Remote


Use the included remote to set the temperature and fan speed without exiting the trailer.  Unit can be set to cool or heat.

 Haul the air  conditioner in your car and set it up only when needed.  

This  Option comes with the cooling unit, hookup hoses, and remote. Road Toad  adds the hose connection points to your trailer for easy and quick  hook-up.  

  •  2500 BTU  115V  
  • Provides heating, cooling, fan, and dehumidifier
  • Features both auto and sleep modes, auto on/off timers, and 3 fan speeds
  • All functions performed using a remote control