Fantastic Fan Option


Create a cooling breeze for your comfort night or day.   This Option adds a Fantastic brand roof fan.   It is a 12-volt, variable-speed, reversible,  fan, with a thermostat to automatically turn it on as the temperature rises or shut it off if the temperature drops. It has an easy-to-use hand knob which allows you to lift and lower the roof top dome from inside the trailer.

The Option also adds a battery box and pre-run wiring. You must supply your own 12v battery and charger or solar panel.

Rain-Sensor Fan Option


The same great Fantastic brand fan with an added Rain-Sensing feature.  

When the fan detects rain, it automatically closes the dome and shuts off the fan.  When the rain stops and the rain sensor dries, the fan dome automatically reopens.

Air Conditioner Option

Portable Air Conditioner

Keep your cool!

This Option adds a Climaterite portable air conditioner.   This unit can Heat as well as Cool.   It has a remote control so you can adjust the fan speed or turn on or off without exiting the trailer.  Haul the air conditioner in your car and set it up only when needed.  

This Option comes with the cooling unit, hookup hoses, and remote. Road Toad adds the hose connection points to your trailer for easy and quick hook-up.  

Three Tire Sizes


Choose the tire size that fits the way you use your trailer.  

12" Tire- Lightest weight, fuel economy.

13" Tire- Smoother ride, longer tread life.

14" Tire- Maximum ground clearance.

Larger tires give you a smoother ride and increase the axle height.  The axle is the lowest point for ground clearance.  Go to the Specs page to see the differences.

12"  5.30-12,  Load C, 4 ply

13"  ST 175/80D13, Load C, 6 ply Bias

14"  ST 205/75D14, Load C, 6 ply Bias



Add a mattress sized to fit your trailer.    

  • 5.5” High-Density Polyurethane Foam.  
  • 58" x 6' 3"  - (Short Queen)
  • Durable, Stain Resistant Cover. 
  •  Reversible with Quilted Top, Bottom, and Sides.

Coupler Size


Choose your coupler size.

If you have other trailers that use the 1-7/8" or 2" ball, you can match your coupler sizes so you can use the same ball hitch.