Light Weight

ABODE: Sleeper Trailer w/Galley

  • Dry Weight ** - 470 lbs.  (215 kg)
  • Gear Capacity ** - 530 lbs.  (240 kg)
  • Tongue Weight - 65 lbs. (30 kg)
  • Gross Weight - 1000 lbs. (455 kg)
  • 2000 lb axle, 5 x 4.5" Bolt Pattern

TOTES: Cargo Trailer

  •  Dry Weight ** - 400 lbs.  (180 kg)
  • Gear Capacity ** - 600 lbs.  (275 kg)
  • Tongue Weight  - 65 lbs. (30 kg)
  • Gross Weight - 1000 lbs. (455 kg)
  • 2000 lb axle, 5 x 4.5" Bolt Pattern

*    Weights shown for standard configuration, no options added.

** Weights shown with 13" Tires installed.


Compact on the Outside

  • Body Width :  60.5"
  • Width to Fenders : 80.5" 
  • (G) Cabin Length :  7' 7"
  • (H) Overall Length  :  10' 8"
  • 24" x 34" Side Door Openings 

Trailer vertical dimensions (A-F) can be varied by adjusting the suspension height or by tire selection.  Use the chart below to determine the adjustable ranges for each tire size.   


Adjustable Ride Height

Dimensions refer to the drawing above.

Adjusting the suspension Up or Down by some amount will adjust ALL the dimensions Up or Down by the SAME amount.  Range dimensions are adjustable in approximately 1/2" increments within the range.

Hitch Height (C) is determined by the height of your tow vehicle's hitch.   It should ideally be within plus 2" or minus 1" of Dimension D, for optimal towing.  Ground Clearance (GC) dimension does not include leaf springs or leaf spring hardware, which are below the axle, near the tires.


Spacious Interior - TOTES

Large rear hatch  and two side doors for easy access.  Open interior for maximum use flexibility.

  • Floor 59" x 88"
  • Rear Opening 47" w x 38" h
  • Six (6) D-Ring, Cargo Tie-Down Points
  • Cabin Height Floor to Vent 41" 


Ample Storage - ABODE

  • A - Upper Cabinet - 59" x 14" x 12" h
  • B - Lower Cabinet - 59" x 9.5" x 9" h
  • C- Cabin Floor 59" x 75" (4'-11" x 6'-3")
  • C - Cabin Height Floor to Vent 41"

Galley  - (Under Hatch )           

  • D - Countertop 59" x 24" x 24" h
  • E - Under Counter 59" x 12" x 15" h

Composite Construction and Materials Used

  • Road Toad Campers are built using composite materials with aluminum framework and trim.  
  • The composite material has a plastic core and pre-painted aluminum skins inside and out.
  • The composite material is unaffected by exposure to water. (even immersion)
  • No wood is used in the construction of Road Toad trailers.  Other brand teardrops are made from plywood, particle board, chip board, etc... and are susceptible to rot, mildew, discoloration, and delamination if exposed to water (even condensation).  Many entry level teardrops do not seal their wood to prevent damage from even brief water exposure.
  • Road Toad uses Marine grade sealants and adhesives in the assembly of the trailer body.
  • The ABODE cabin ceiling is covered with an indoor/outdoor carpeting which is mold and mildew resistant.  The carpeting helps insulate the cabin and reduce condensation when camping in cooler weather.  It also helps deaden noise inside the camper.
  • Storage shelves in the ABODE cabin are made of the same composite materials.
  • A roof vent is the standard configuration.   Should you decide to add a powered fan later, you can replace the vent with a fan and add a 12 V battery to power it.  Every trailer comes pre-wired to accommodate a powered roof fan, no additional wiring is required to upgrade. 


UserManual2019-RoadToad (pdf)


Road Toad Warranty (pdf)